About the Winemaker

Winemaker Christopher Broaddus graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara with a degree in Political Science, and a passion for wine. Soon into his post-college government job, it became clear that he was not cut out for life in a cubicle. The artificial lighting, lack of physical movement, and monotony made Chris antsy, frustrated, and craving the outdoors. He left his office job to get his hands dirty in the fields and hasn't looked back.

Chris entered the wine world working for a vineyard in Clarksburg, California. There he learned the ropes of vines to wines. From soil analysis and management to pruning vines to harvesting grapes, Chris gained hands-on experience in every aspect of vineyard maintenance. Armed with that experience, Chris ventured out on his own, opening a custom vineyard installation and management company. There, he developed a reputation for perfection and creativity. 

It was in the field that Chris saw firsthand how much the care to the vine influenced the end product in the bottle. Armed with this extensive knowledge, Chris started Anatum Winery. 


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